Central Distributors - Little Rock, Arkansas


Company Information

Central and Moon Distributors are an Arkansas family owned Wholesale Wine, Spirits and Beer business started by the Hastings family in 1935. The Company is operating under the 4th generation Hastings family. Being independent gives Central and Moon a great advantage over our competition, there are not several layers of management to go through. We believe in partnering with our suppliers and retailers to build brands in Arkansas. We will give 100% on all of the products we sell!!! You are welcome to contact any supplier or retailer we do business with and ask what type of a reputation Central or Moon has in Arkansas.

Other Information

  • Operate in a 350,000 square foot facility
  • 175 employees
  • State wide distributor
  • Located on 11 acres
  • 350,000 square foot temperature controlled facility
  • 450 on premise accounts
  • 420 off premise accounts
  • 3,000 grocery & convenience accounts
  • Over 7,000 items in our product portfolio

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